Terms And Conditions

By entering the BBB Student Video/Poster Scholarship Contest, entrants release and hold the promoter harmless from and against any and all losses, damages, rights, claims and action. BBB is not responsible for any claim involving copyright, trademark, or royalty infringements related to the work. Applicants are responsible for their own insurance.

By submitting your entry you certify that you are authorized to submit this work and that all clearances and licenses necessary for public display of the work have been granted and agree that you will indemnify and hold harmless the Better Business Bureau for any liabilities and expenses in connection with any claims based on any entry submitted to BBB.

All scholarship prize money must be used for higher education. This includes, but is not limited to; tuition, student fees, books, technology, materials, etc. Prize money will be given directly to the college, university or trade school.

Winners agree to provide Chicago BBB with future updates on how prize money was used and status on higher education efforts.

BBB retains the right to accept or decline any entry, for whatever reason, without notice or explanation.

Nudity, profanity, explicit violence, drug use, or references to drug use or anything the committee finds offensive or vulgar are grounds for rejection.

You request BBB evaluate and judge the submitted material.

Top 10 finalists will provide entry files upon final judging.

Entering the competition constitutes permission to use the names and likenesses of the submission for publicity and promotions with no compensation. Additionally, the Entry becomes the property of BBB and may be used in future promotions, events or marketing campaigns and cannot be returned.

You indemnify BBB, their affiliates, sponsors, employees, board members, and judges of and from any and all claims, loss, or liability that may be asserted against you or incurred by you or any associates, at any time in connection with the submitted work.