Entry guidelines

  • Entries must be submitted by May 31st, 2019 (by 4:30pm CDT) via the online entry form below, where students will provide a YouTube link to their video. Top ten (10) finalists will then send or upload their video file.

  • The contest theme is “Embody Integrity.” Using the BBB Standards of Trust, demonstrate how one embodies integrity when making an ethical decision.  Show the dilemma, decision making process, and actions. 

  • All entries must reflect the theme.

  • No entry fee is required.

  • Video submission must two (2) minutes or less in length.

  • Students can only enter one (1) originally produced video

  • Entry must be new and original work.

  • One applicant per entry.

  • Nudity, profanity, explicit violence, drug use, or references to drug use are grounds for rejection.

  • Applicants are solely responsible for their film production - this includes obtaining appropriate releases for all persons who appear on-camera, including minors and their parents/guardians, see provided release. If music is used in the video, the use of original music or royal­ty-free music is required. See royalty-free music links in the below “Video Scholarship Cheat Sheet.” Proper release forms must be presented for music with a copyright. Any material that is found without proper licensing will be rejected.

  • The submission must include the video title, student’s name, age, and current school.

  • Along with the actual submission, the entry form must be signed. By signing the entry form, the student acknowl­edges they have read and understood this rules and guidelines form, as well as the terms and conditions form. A submission without a signed entry form will be rejected.

  • The entry becomes the property of Better Business Bureau. Entries may be used in future promotions, events, or marketing campaigns.

  • Although all cast/crew must sign the entry form, the name listed beside “Applicant’s Name” will be the only one that is eligible to receive awards.

  • Entries are due Friday, May 31st, 2019 (by 4:30pm CDT). Winners and finalists will be notified in July 2019 and honored at the 2019 Torch Awards for Marketplace Ethics luncheon on November 20, 2019.

Application Form

Please complete the form to enter the scholarship contest. By clicking “Submit” you acknowledge that you have read the submission guidelines and qualifications and accept all Terms And Conditions of participation in the BBB Embody Integrity Video Scholarship contained herein.

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